Pennies from heaven?

I find pennies.

A lot of people do of course. If you google “What does finding pennies mean?” you’ll see loads of answers.

Finding a penny means variously:

It’s a message from someone you love who has passed on.

The Angels are watching out for you.

Great fortunes are heading your way.

Heads up, it’s lucky. Tails up, not so much.

And so on.

I like a story I heard some years ago.

A very wealthy man pulled up in his Rolls Royce to a fancy restaurant. He was going to have dinner with a friend. As he climbed out, he spotted a penny on the sidewalk. He bent down and picked it up.

His friend laughed, and said: “Don’t you have enough money without the need to pick up a penny?”

The wealthy man turned the penny heads up in his hand.

“It’s not just a penny. It’s a message. What does that say?”

“In God we trust,” said his friend.

“I might be wealthy but that doesn’t mean I’m without worries. I’ve been concerned about something all day long. When I find pennies, it’s almost always when something is on my mind. I believe it’s a message from God. Telling me to simply trust.”

After I heard that story, I started finding pennies.

First it was just on the sidewalk. Or a parking lot. Where you might expect to find them.

And then something strange happened.

They started turning up when something was on my mind. A worry. A concern. Money. Work. A decision I had to make.

What’s more, they started turning up in unlikely places.

On a table when I know there wasn’t one there moments before. Or sitting there on a shelf in a cupboard I had opened just a little while earlier.

Then it got stranger.

Just when I was thinking I hadn’t found a penny for a long time, one would turn up. Within minutes of me thinking about it. Sometimes, seconds.

You’re probably thinking I’ve gone off my rocker.

But I tell you, it’s true.

I have quite a collection of pennies that I’ve found over the years now.

Are they all a message from God?

I don’t know. But here’s the thing. In a funny way, I guess that God/The Universe/my mum/Arthur are all looking out for me.

If I ever run out of money, I’ll just put all those pennies they ‘might’have sent me in a bag and cash them in at the nearest Coinstar machine.

Postscript in the “You can’t make this up” department:

Less than an hour after writing the passage about finding pennies, I was standing in line at the supermarket checkout, editing and rewriting the passage in my mind. I looked down and there on the ground a few feet in front of me—heads side up—was a penny.

And I kid you not—there’s absolutely no writer’s embellishment here—it was glinting in the sunlight.

I’m not sure about God available now

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